Days 19 to 21 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Paul S. Bryers, December 22, 2019

After an early departure from the cruise ship at Buenos Aires, most of the rest of the day was spent recovering at the hotel from the fun time we had over the last 18 days cruising. Le Patios de San Telmo are very nice accommodations and well located – lovely out door spaces and there is a sculpture of a horse with its head coming out of its arse, which is unusual.

We had recovered enough by night time to go out and have a drink at The Oldest, a pub run by Joaquin in the Belgrano area.

We then went on to meet some friends from the cruise at Positano (, where you have dinner and are entertained by opera singers (very good), tango dancers and a comedian in drag. Great time had by all!

The following day we did a hop on/off bus tour (blue and red routes, 3.5 hours) which was interesting to get an overview of the city, but a bit tedious in places.

Following the bus tour we went for light bites and wine at San Telmo Market – delicious and noisy.

Finally, we had dinner at La Poesia Bar ( which did excellent trout and salmon.

Today we took a 5 hour tour which included a boat trip along the coastal waters of Buenos Aires’ Rio de la Plata and up the smaller rivers to Le Tigre – these smaller rivers have houses along the banks only accessible by boat.

Not sure yet where dinner will be tonight or what we will do with our final day in BA tomorrow.


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