Days 22 to 25 – Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile

Paul S Bryers, December 26, 2019

We spent our final day in BA, December 23, just strolling around….

And then a bit of pool time….

On December 24, we flew over the Andes to Santiago, Chile – some great views (credit to Chris for the glacier photo).

On arrival at our hotel, we were surprised to see that our and other hotels, as well as all businesses, had metal shutters in place to protect from protesters. We knew about the ongoing protests against wealth inequality, of course, but had not realized the scale. While the protesters’ cause is very understandable it was sad to see the damage and graffiti everywhere..

Christmas Day was very quiet and we just walked around the city center a bit – big police presence but all seemed safe. Popped into a mass which had great singing…

Had our Christmas Day drinks and dinner at the W – terrific views.

Today, December 26, we transferred over to the Sheraton to meet the Hurtigruten staff – very organized! We had a bit of pool time this afternoon and are now excited about our flight to Punta Arenes tomorrow to start the Hurtigruten Antartica cruise.


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