Antarctic and Falklands Cruise – Day 5 – Trinity Island

Paul S Bryers, December 31, 2019

Sailed overnight from Greenwich Island to D’Hainaut Island, located within Mikkelsen Harbour, Trinity Island. D’Hainaut was a whaling station many years ago. The surrounding scenery was amazing with mountains, glaciers and some bergs.

The one below was huge!

The zodiac trip to the island was interesting in that Gentoo Penguins were diving in/out of the water all over the place.

It was a more challenging landing than yesterday as zodiac had to do a rock dock (basically, you ram the zodiac up on the rock face and hold it there with the engine full on until people get off/on, and then you have to walk over a combo of Gentoo shit and ice/snow.

Once landed, Gentoo Penguins were everywhere.

The island also has a lot of whale bones and a fairly intact old whaling boat.

We saw the blows from a few live whales today – naturalist said Humpbacks – but no sightings of tails or breaches, as yet. BREAKING NEWS – Two Humpbacks just breached….no photo though…


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