Antarctic and Falklands Cruise – Day 1 and 2 – Punta Arenas through Parque Nacional Alberto de Agostini

Paul S Bryers, December 28, 2019

So December 27 was the start of our 16 night Antarctic & Falklands cruise.

We flew from Santiago down to P Arenas – great views of Andes..

We were then bused around P Arenas for about 4 hours to see the highlights. This was more than enough time, believe me. Especially since 1 hour was at a graveyard. At least we saw our wee ship from a lookout hill. And when I say wee, I mean very wee….it’s the one docked in the middle in the photo below…

At last we boarded MS Roald Amundsen and after being shown how to put on our orange thermal live saving suits, we headed out into the unknown, or at least little known….accompanied by a nice sunset.

At the next morning’s briefing we sadly learnt that due an approaching front of 70 mph winds and major swells in Drakes Passage we would not be able to land at Cape Horn and instead we were going to try and stay ahead of the storm and head straight for South Shetland Islands – go news was this would give us an additional day for landings in Antartica. Bad news was the Captain made it clear we would still face some major winds and swells and to put everything in our cabins on the floor or in closets. Below, green is good and red/purple is bad…

We spent the rest of the day viewing lovely mountains, glaciers and waterfalls….

The evening was rainbows and cruise ships all going in the other direction…..mmmmhhhh…


So, it’s now time to strap down for a bumpy night…….


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