Day 12 – Salvador, Brazil

By Paul S. Bryers, December 13, 2019

Salvador is located in the Bay of All Saints and is quite imposing from the bay, with its modern towers built on the lower land and the old city high on a ridge.

As you approach the cruise dock, the many churches in the old city become evident.

The bay is the largest in any tropical waters and light houses are evident to protect the huge ships passing through from the many sandbanks.

There are not many sandy beaches and those there are tend to be small.

You can get up to the old city via the Lacerda Elevator or via road. The public elevator was built in the late 1860s.

The old city is very colorful and vibrant and plenty locals want to have their photo taken with you, for a $ or so.

Some of the churches are very decorative inside – did someone say “gold”?

From a safety perspective, the old city seemed safe enough to walk around in but it is probably sensible to be on a guided tour as they coordinate with local law enforcement.

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