Day 5 – Martinique

By Paul S. Bryers, December 6, 2019

As evidenced by the red man, The Government of Martinique wants to be certain none of their citizens gets run over by a cruise liner. Very sensible.

On landing, we grabbed a taxi and driver to take us around the northern part of the island for 4 hours. He introduced us to this guy – I can’t remember who he is but I’m sure he was a lovely colonial-type chap.

Next up was a nice church with, so I thought, a quite clever reflection in the glass building opposite.

We then went up into the rain forest and saw some lovely waterfalls and flora.

Then past the cloud covered volcano and back down towards the coast.

Finally, a dip in the pool and a lovely sunset as we head off for 6 days at sea on our way to Salvador, Brazil.


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